Transformers Generation 1 Toys – Wow!

While the rally call of Autobot leader Optimus Prime set the tone of a whole generation of toys and cartoons in the region of the middle and late eighties, finding the original ‘G1’ toys of him and his pals-and his enemies-has become more and more difficult. That’s probably because the collector rate of these toys has shot up dramatically since Michael Bay began producing Transformer movies during the late 2000s, but likewise because the kids who grew up watching these cartoons have increasingly wanted to collect the toys that dominated their childhood play times.

Yo-Yo, elastic band, plasticine, tumblers, Transformers etc. these are best childhood memories of all children born in the 1970s and eighties of the previous century. These toys have become this generation shared memories, because they used to take these toys to play together. What are today’s kids playing? The constantly update equipment gyro, four-wheel drive, or the blond Barbie with deluxe costumes… At the same time, however, their playing time is less and less, toys become more sophisticated and more complex, their participation to partners will be getting less and less, so children today are very lonely. How many toys will be lucky to become shared and permanent memories of these kids? In fact, the happiness of the child is very simple, and the simplest toys can also meet their greatest joy.

Collector Shows. The odds of finding a good plan at a show are next to nill. However, if price is no object than this is your best bet. Many cities have collector shows from time to time. Many of the people who bring in their prized possessions are willing to part with them for the right price. So if you have had your heart set on a particular old Transformer and have not been able to find it, this might be your best option.

Amazon. I love Amazon, it has everything! And now that the society allows third-party vendors to sell through the Amazon system, the selection has gotten even bigger-but it is even backed by Amazon’s guarantees, so you can shop with confidence (more so than a few of the other online retailers, that’s for sure). You can Check Out The G1 Transformers On Amazonand see what they have got. I’ve found some incredible deals on old Transformers this way, and highly recommend it as the ‘first stop’ for anyone looking to buy one of these retro toys.

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Ebay. Some say the time of finding diamonds in the rough on eBay are long over. I ‘d agree to a limited extent. Gone are the time when people would simply list their junk for basement bottom prices, because the site seems dominated by professional buyers/sellers who’re fully aware of what they have and the value of such items. I used to find classic transformer toys for sale at very low prices here, but now it usually costs more than Amazon. The top is that there is still a huge supply, so you ought to be able to find what you’re looking for, just be prepared to bid against retro collectors with very deep pockets.

Boutique Shops. Some collectors run their own buying/selling operations either out of their houses or even warehouses, and are constantly hunting for low-priced old transformer toys so they can turn around and sell them for a profit on their own websites. The prices are usually on the upper side, so be prepared (also know that these are the types of people you will be bidding against on eBay). With a little web searching you should be able to find them-I’m hesitant to list them here simply because I do not want people to think I’m affiliated with any private seller.

FAQ’s: Would you open your Transformers toys?
I have a few Transformers toys, they are the new recent ones (2005-2009, I think), I don't have any Generation 1 Transformers toys. Right now I can't decide if I should open them out of the box (of course I would keep the box, just in case if I want to put them back away), transform then into robot mode and display it on my book shelves for display rather than keep it sealed and put away in my closet. What do you think I should do, what did you guys do? I hear these can be collectibles in the future. I am also a Hot Wheels collector (but i'm not a crazy collector) and I can understand not opening them up.

  • My husband collects them all, he doesn't even open the new ones!

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