Transformers Generation 1 Toys Debunked

Transformer toys which first appeared in 1984 are back stronger than ever with the success of the film ‘Dark of the Moon’. This picture was only the 10th ever to gross $1 billion and the other film to gross a billion dollars during 2011. ‘ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2’ reached the billion landmark first in 2011. The third film so far in the Transformers live-action series, we consider the main character Optimus Prime in the role of the head of a group of machines called Autobots and who save the Earth ‘again’ in the three hours of running time. Optimus is a machine with a mind who can transform from a human shaped robot to a truck with mechanistic ease and speed.

Optimus Prime is another classic Transformer. I was never a fan of the Optimus Prime character but you cannot argue that Optimus Prime is not a cool figure. Optimus Prime is bigger than all the other regular Transformers both in robot form and in vehicle from so it made him seem special.

It appears that there are several people out there who really love this character, this machine. You can find YouTube videos exclaiming their fondness for him and with tributes, Facebook pages announcing their love for him and strangely articles calling Optimus Prime a ‘him’ and not an ‘it’. There are websites declaring their love for him. There are discussions and forums debating who loves him and why.

Now it seems obvious that there’s a generation or two that have grown in place with the toys that appear to be magically transform from the robot shape to the truck since 1984. The skill required in doing this creates a sense of progress for the youngster who manages to do it with ease and show it off, whilst of course saving the world again, before supper time is called. The previous and the present generations that have, and are, growing up with the imaginative world created around the transformers are fond of both the toy, this character, and the film star.

Your kids may believe that the toys they received this Christmas came from Santa, but toy industry veteran C K Yeung knows differently. While production takes place in Chinese factories, he says it is Hong Kong that is responsible for the action figures, dolls and remote-controlled cars placed under Christmas trees the world over. But despite employing hundreds of thousands of workers and shipping millions of products worldwide, the industry has remained firmly in the shadows of the big-name brands for …

We are seeing even T-Shirts emblazoned with the words’ I Love (or heart) Optimus Prime’ on the front.

Maybe Optimus is regarded as a father figure perhaps, as someone who the youngsters look up to for moral and inspirational guidance, written into the films and cartoons of the Transformers heritage. Maybe Optimus is considered to be the ultimate hero, leader, and friend, as the Alpha machine, in control of all it was beautiful and right.

Whatever it is that makes this machine all cuddly and lovable, that makes him so endearing – you will see it everywhere on the Internet. However, for me the enjoyment simply all comes from playing with the Optimus Prime toy.

Look it’s a robot! With a speedy sleight of hand a magical transformation is accomplished within seconds.

transformers??? -cars???
was there any transformers that were muscle cars or classic car?

  • Do you mean like the Dodge Charger or the Pontiac GTO? No. I don't recall Takara and Hasbro creating anything other than sports cars for their warrior robots from generation one (1984-1985) through Transformers Classics (2006-2007). However, there are a few exceptions. When they developed the Binaltech/Alternators line, the alternate mode they used for Grimlock (I own this toy–1st link) and Wheeljack (2nd link) was a 2005 Ford Mustang GT. Also, the first alternate mode for the Bumblebee character from the new live-action film is a 1974 Chevrolet Camaro (3rdlink). I hope this answers your question. If you're interested in perusing the evolution of Transformers from G1 to present, check out database at (4th link). Thanks for the inquiry.

  • Hot Rod, who took over for Optimus Prime in later episodes, was a Plymouth Roadrunner. When he took over as the commander of the Autobots, he was known as Rotimus Prime.

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