Making Decisions About High Tech Industrial

Getting in the lead is essential to winning. But this is a simplistic view, because there are two things even more critical. First how did you find there and how do you stay there? If you cannot achieve the former, then you’ll lose, if you cannot master the later, you’ll sink on the rear of the pack. In business, having a plan and executing it’s the best way to get to the top. It is primarily done by carefully responding to new opportunities as for staying there. In the high tech industries, things can change in an instant. In a field where things move so quickly, having a high tech pr company in your corner can make all the difference.

FAQ’s: How do I get high tech industry in my city in Simcity 4?
How do i get high tech industry in my city in Simcity 4? Any answers are greatly appreciated.

  • For a high-tech industry to develop in your city you have to fulfill few requirements. -You have to have a good education system. Build schools, high-schools, colleges, libraries and museums and fund them well. It is logical that educated, intellectual people will develop $$$ industrial and commercial jobs. -If you already have dirty and polluting industry in your city, place high-tech planed zone as far away as you can from the pollution. High-tech doesn't like polluted air and dirty industry next to it. -You can enact some ordinances that will help you develop 'clean', high-tech industry and even halt the dirty one. You have the 'Clean air act' that will directly hit the dirty industry (by higher taxes) and promote the clean one. Also 'Pro reading ordinance' and some others will improve your education thus a probability of building a clean industry. -In the end, you can raise taxes for dirty industry and lower taxes for high tech to attract it. Good luck!

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