Artificial Intelligence Techniques Myths And Facts

If you work in the SEO industry, it’s likely you have encountered black hat SEO methods. The ends justify the means, for those who perform black hat techniques to manipulate the search engines. While most webmasters work hard and struggle to seek their sites in the upper part of the search engines, webmasters who use black hat techniques sit back and relax. It isn’t uncommon for these webmasters to make $100, 000 within three months.

This is the reason why using black hat seo is so appealing. This is likewise the reason why spammers practice their craft. They do it becaues it works. When you send out a million emails, there is a mathematical probability that you’ll generate a number of responses. It is easy to understand what motivates those who practice black hat SEO methods because of this. The search engines are forced to constantly change their tactics to fight against these webmasters. If companies like Google did not take the time to make changes to their algorithms, many webmasters would never be able to secure their sites to the upper part of the search engines.

You simply can’t ignore the logic.

If you’re a webmaster who uses white hat techniques to optimize your site, it can be irritating to see websites rank higher than yours which use black hat techniques. At the same time, it is important to recall that these websites give you a chance to succeed. Most webmasters who use black hat techniques must rely on automated tools to help them. Honest webmasters have to put in a moment of elbow grease. This is where we succeed and the people who use black hat techniques fail. Sooner or later, companies like Google will win. At some moment in the future, search engines will be headed by strong artificial intelligence. Once this happens, the number of webmasters using black hat technique will be eliminated, or greatly reduced.

It is likely that webmasters who use black hat techniques will never completely vanish. The reason for the reason for this is that they’re humans who’ve brains. There will always be someone out there who is clever enough to trick the search engines, no matter how advance they are. Those of us who use white hat SEO techniques can be content in recognizing that the black hatters are making things easier for us, as of this time.


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