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How can you get first page ranking in Google for your website? If you own a website then this represents a question that has to be answered, preferably before you even start creating your website, lf you want your website to be a successful marketing tool for your business. The higher your website ranks in the search engine results pages the more it is probable that you people will end up landing on your site to see what you’ve got to offer.

Just When You Thought You Had Heard It All…

The purpose of backlinking is to raise your website’s ranking on the search engines. Ulimatley, this is what every online business owner wants for their website. When your website is more visible to the search engines it will receive more traffic and that will lead to increasd sales.

Backinks are like a popularity competition. They demonstrate to the search engine spiders and search bots that your website is popular. The search engines like websites that have a large number of relevant backlinks.

Believe it or not the response to this question can be summarized in one short phrase-search engine optimization SEO). If this is carried out in the correct way, then the time spent on this’ll show you a great return on your investment.

Did you know that if your website is listed in the top 3 rankings on page 1 of Google, then, if the targeted key-phrase is searched, then the chances of the relationship to your website being clicked is over 60%. Once your site goes onto page 2 of the search engine results pages then those chances diminish. People rarely go beyond page I of the results pages when carrying out a search, so you really do need those page 1 rankings.

Keywords are king, this has to be the motto that your website lives by if you are going to answer the question how you can improve your website ranking on Google. Keywords are the main thing that can make or break a web site and as a result increase your chances of being on page 1 of Google. If you’re not targeting the correct keywords that people are looking for then you’re wasting your time. This is a basic rule that must be instilled in the spirit of any person that owns a website.

Now that you have identified the correct keywords you need to take such and use them to carry out onsite and offsite optimization. Onsite optimization means you’re doing things on your own website, with a view to let Google see your site in the best possible way in the area of your targeted keywords, while offsite optimization means you’re doing things away from your website and other website in order to contribute to your rankings (usually bringing in links from those sites to your own). With your onsite optimization you got to do things like setting up your meta tags correctly (using your targeted keywords), optimizing the content on your webpage to ensure those keywords are used the correct amount of times (roughly 2% of the entire content of each webpage should be filled with your keywords), ensuring that your keywords are used in the first sentence of the first subparagraph of your web page, and the list goes on.

It would take too long to tell you the truth that you’ve got to do to get high Google rankings in the context of the present article. However, there are number of appeals that you can search up on Google that will teach you pretty much everything that you’ve got to do to get high search engine rankings. Be warned that there really are no short cuts if you wish to obtain high, sustainable rankings on Google. There are also techniques that should be prevented if you do not want to find that Google has blacklisted your website. Also, you needs to know that there really is no A-Z list of what you got to do to go to the number 1 ranking on page of 1 of Google. There are things that go beyond your control that help to determine this e.g. what your competition is making to their website in terms of optimizing it. So all you can do it try your best, and once you get on that all important first page, do not rest on your laurels, as you’ll need to maintain working to sustain that ranking, or even better, make it go higher on page 1.

Just because you have the best designed website, or the best content, there is no assurance that you’re going to have a lot of traffic and/or new business. You really need to invest the time (or hire a professional to invest that time for you) to optimize your website in order that it is highly ranked on Google, and the other large search engines, and your ultimate reward will be most highly targeted traffic visiting your website and potentially more sales.

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